Featuring 15 tracks (73 mins.) of top shelf, soul powered, blues-based, retro-vintage, Hendrix-inspired six string mojo of monumentally serious world-class proportions.Phil Brown is a supreme axe master, an accomplished seasoned veteran of the instrument ho speaks beautiful and funky musical language on the guitar. Serious blues-based  guitar rock mojo is Phil Brown's religion and it is time for us all to dig in deep and worship at his glorious six string temple.  The Phil Brown: "Live In Seattle", Groove Yard Records disc rates ultra-high in the six string  evolution scale and is all about outstanding total guitar rock at its best. The man takes us on a mind-blowing "Old School" power trio musical journey where James Marshall Hendrix meets  Phil Brown at the outskirts of infinity and beyond. This is the stuff that real heavy guitar rock dreams are made of. (((Long Live The Musical Spirit of Jimi Hendrix))).